Client C.A.R.E Planning Program

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With decades of experience in estate planning, Woods & Bates, P.C. has become committed to understanding the reasons estate plans fail. Whether it be a lack of alignment of the estate assets, disregard for the new plan, or not making updates as life circumstances change, Woods & Bates, P.C. is dedicated to making sure you are secure in your assets and estate plan. We hope that by offering an ongoing planning program to our clients our firm will be able to help you fulfill the ultimate goal you set out to accomplish when you made the plan in the first place – to take care of your family and loved ones.


Program Benefits


Annual Asset Review Meeting

  • Verify and ensure asset alignment with the estate plan.
  • Initial meeting recommended approximately 6 months after the
    plan is signed.

Annual Family Care Meeting

  • Includes Attorney, Client, Family Members, nominated Executor/Trustee, and Trusted Advisors.
  • You decide who should be included in this meeting.

24-Hour Response Guarantee

  • Prompt response to any questions about your estate plan or asset alignment during business hours.
  • Powers of Attorney for Unmarried Children (18-30).
  • Ensure your adult children have the necessary legal protections.

Minor Plan Updates

  • Changes in Executor/Trustee/Guardian/Agent nominations, ages of distributions, percentages, and minor revisions.

Annual Decision Vault Subscription

  • Safeguard your information with secure storage.

Legacy Planning

  • Explore creative strategies to pass down your virtues and moral framework to future generations.

Referrals to Other Attorneys

  • For legal matters outside our scope.

Non-Legal Service Provider Recommendations

  • Vetted recommendations for various services.

10% Discount on Legal Projects

  • Enjoy a discount on major revisions or new legal projects.

Annual Subscription


billed annually on January 1 of each calendar year.

Special Offer

The remainder of the year in which the initial plan is created, drafted, and signed is included in the price for any client that enrolls in the Client C.A.R.E. Planning Program.

Enroll Today

Secure the future for your family. To join the Client C.A.R.E. Planning Program, follow these steps:


Download the editable PDF enrollment form here.


Complete the form with your details.


Send the filled form to

Join now and experience peace of mind with a comprehensive estate plan.

Disclaimer on New Projects

The Client C.A.R.E. Planning Program is designed to continuously review, maintain, and update, as necessary, a client’s estate plan to ensure that it operates as intended at their death or disability and that their family and loved ones are adequately cared for at that time. The intent of this maintenance plan is NOT to provide all legal work that a client may need while a member of the plan. It is anticipated that, during the client’s membership in the plan, the client may have legal needs arise that do not involve their estate plan. It is also anticipated that the client’s goals and/or life circumstances may drastically change during their membership in the plan. Major revisions to the client’s estate plan and other legal work are not intended to be included within the membership price for the Client C.A.R.E. Planning Program and will be considered to be New Projects that will necessitate a separate representation agreement and associated fees for said work. (At a 10% discount as outlined above.)