The Six Key Estate Planning Documents

Let’s dive into six critical estate planning documents and understand their significance.

1. Will, Your Legacy Blueprint

A will is the foundational document of your estate plan. It dictates how you want your assets distributed after your death and can designate guardians for your minor children. State laws take precedence without a will, which may not always reflect your wishes. Crafting a will with Woods & Bates, P.C. ensures that your possessions, regardless of size, reach the intended beneficiaries as you desire.


2. Durable Power of Attorney, Medical and Financial

Life can be unpredictable. A Durable Power of Attorney is a proactive step, allowing you to designate someone trustworthy to manage your financial affairs if you become incapacitated. This person can handle everything from paying bills to overseeing investments. With decades of experience, our attorneys are adept at ensuring that this document offers robust protection for your financial matters, even in uncertain times.

​​A Medical Power of Attorney lets you appoint a trusted individual to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, should you be unable to communicate or make decisions yourself. It’s a measure of security, ensuring your medical care aligns with your values and preferences, even if you cannot vocalize them. At Woods & Bates, P.C., we prioritize creating a document that reflects your wishes and provides clarity to medical professionals and loved ones.

3. Advanced Directive/Living Will: Healthcare Wishes Honored

An Advanced Directive, also known as a Living Will, is your voice in critical healthcare decisions when you cannot communicate. It details your preferences on life-sustaining treatments, end-of-life care, and other medical procedures. By drafting this with Woods & Bates, P.C., you ensure your health wishes are respected and upheld, no matter the situation.

4. Guardian/Conservator Nominations for Children, Safeguarding the Young

For those with minor children, determining their guardianship is a paramount concern. This document allows you to nominate guardians or conservators for your children, ensuring they’re cared for by individuals you trust and admire. It provides clarity and avoids potential legal battles or state interference in deciding what’s best for your children.

5. Trusts, Flexible Asset Management & Protection

Trusts serve multiple purposes – from avoiding probate and reducing estate taxes, to ensuring specific asset distribution instructions. They can be tailored to fit various needs, whether it’s ensuring a loved one with special requirements is taken care of or that a charitable cause you’re passionate about is supported. As the preeminent rural law firm in central Illinois, we at Woods & Bates, P.C. have assisted numerous individuals in setting up trusts that reflect their unique needs and circumstances. 

6. Deeds, Real Property Transfers

Deeds are essential in determining the ownership and transfer of real property. Whether transferring property into a trust or ensuring a seamless transition of real estate assets to your heirs, having clear and legally sound deeds is critical. With its rich legacy, our firm offers comprehensive guidance in drafting and understanding deeds, ensuring your real estate matters are in order.


Chart Your Future with Woods & Bates, P.C.

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